What the hell is ShivX?

I don’t like how some new coin nobody has ever heard of suddenly appears in the app as the default coin for buys and sells, with no explanation. No explanation on the forums, either.

Where does it appear for you? I see it in the liquidity pool area.

In any case it’s probably total rubbish. If I were the team I’d be very careful about having dubious coins or projects prominently featured in the app. Don’t need the Incognito to be inadvertently associated with scams because of a dud coin on their platform.

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my default is PRV and USDT…

Here is the explanation :joy: https://shivx.in/

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The website says it’s a fight AGAINST privacy :joy:

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Thank you for pointing out the error we will get it fixed
Website is still under development stage. Soon website and Whitepaper will be updated.
ShivX community is working hard to get everything in place. Please allow us sometime


ShivX founder’s are working on the project since 2017. However, recently we have joined Incognito platform.
ShivX is an Indian privacy coin focused on user anonymity.


Just made a community discussion regarding custom coin pools:

@Rantan @SPAddict25 @brico84 @abduraman @ShivX


Sorry, but ShivX cookie-cutter website and laughable whitepaper look like they were created yesterday, in a few hours, by a child.

There is no way such a coin can be featured as prominently as it is in Incognito without Incognito losing credibility as a result.

It’s top of the list under markets, top of the list under pools, top of the list under trade > Buy/Sell/Swap, and second under wallet.

“A token to overcome poverty. Main motive: Education & Charity, poverty”… where’s quality control?!


I agree and same with a couple of others floating around on here. Jared made a post concerning quality control namely establish minimum liquidity pools to deter BS custom coins sucking people in see below:


Nonetheless its an accident waiting to happen and we don’t really need forum posts on naive people complaining about a dud custom coin.

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Come on, man! Everything starts with a dream :joy:


Was curious about the SHIVX also.
The SHIVX website could use some updating tho, it has the old Incognito wallet in the YouTube purchasing tutorial. The airdrop section is outdated and a bit disconcerting, free is never a good way to promote, it only attracts flippers. The webmaster should freshen up the site if they are looking to grow their image. Might want to up the meme factor too. Black dot :black_circle: Is ok but I think the community can do better :space_invader:

That said and having jumped into DOGE and SHIB early , I understand that if a community gets behind a token ; good things can happen for early birds. Glad for the opportunity. Having the choice is what Incognito is about.
Honestly , at this price point, sitting on a billion (out of 921 trillion) can’t hurt. Best of luck on promoting the coin.

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