I think he is trying to avoid using Google play, hence he is asking for the APK file.


Thanks Jamie.

@Hl.Josef, please check here https://github.com/incognitochain/incognito-wallet/releases


Hello I believe you work at Incognito wallet apk company. My balance disappeared after updating the app today. Give me back my money as soon as possible. I’ve been contacting the support care but no reply. If I don’t receive my money in 24 hours, whatever you see you take

If you haven’t updated in a while, your wallet app may have switched to the master/masterless version of the app.

Your old funds in the masterless section. Check the keychains tab.
If you need support to take a look send a personal message on this forum to the Support account.


Any update on the web based wallet?

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Hi @David0101,

The web-based wallet has been put off due to the higher priorities of other components. Sorry for letting you and other users wait. We’ll notify the community if there is any update.


Incognito is a hot wallet - correct? Does it support cold wallets, or is there a way to move coin off of incognito to a cold wallet. thnx