Voting for Incognito to win Presearch's Grant starts now!

Hi everyone, :hugs:

It’s me again, the first thing I want to say is: Thank you for being with us till date despite any inconvenience you may come across during the journey. I want you to know that the Development & Operation Team is working around the clock to smoothen processes, optimize system, improve capability to make sure your experience getting better day-by-day.

:fist: Dev & Opt Team is fighting their battle and so does the Growth Team!. As you know, we’ve applied for Presearch Grant few week ago and the grant’s winner is getting an access to $100,000 SEO Advertising Sponsor. Never before we are so close to such a good opportunity to boost the visibility like this! :rocket:

:fist: The time has come for us to vote Incognito. And here is the Voting Step-by-step guidance:

Step-1: We register a Presearch Account here

  • Any of us who holds 1,000 or more $PRE (Presearch Native Token), will receive a 10x multiplier on their vote. The $PRE can be held within our Presearch account or on-chain using an external wallet.

  • If the $PRE is on-chain, we must link our external wallet to our Presearch account to receive the 10x multiplier.

Step-2: After registering/ loggging in, we now start voting.

  • Voting will start from our Presearch account. We can click this link or go to From there, we will be redirected to vote. Each of us may only vote once!

  • Remember we are voting for 1 project in each of the 10 categories. we MUST use the above link for the vote or our vote will not be counted :dizzy_face:!


Voting Period finishes on December 16th, 2022. So please tell our friends, family and fellows appreciating Privacy around us to join hand pushing its awareness to a new level in Crypto World through this advertising campaign.

Incognito is among the top performer in the market so we’re confident when competing with the current list of Competitors in this contest.

If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to send me message. It’s an honor having your support today! :pray:


Ok great I jus created an account and voted… Excited for the future


I voted too.


Thank you @Joshuatroutman @SPAddict25, we are getting traction. Im considering other options to get us voted. Your suport means much to us.


Maybe a mass email with the direct link to vote and a inbox message to the entire community may help spread the word

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We will be sure to include this in our weekly privacy newsletter.