Use Case help - Investment trading group private token

I am trying to figure out if this is possible.

We have a group of private investors that invest USDT into an account. We run bots on this account to increase overall gains for the group.
A fee is charged based on the profits of closed trade.
They have a committed time that they must leave the funds in the account.

What I am trying to figure out is if we can create a new token on the Incognito platform that will keep the market cap value of the token = to the balance of the trading account.

I.E. 10 people invest $100K each so a total pool of $1M to trade. Each person that invested receives 100K tokens to = the USDT value. 1 Token = $1 USDT. The bots trade the funds and grow each month. After 1 year the total funds lets say = $2M and now each token = $2 USDT (less fees).

A few nice to haves…

  1. Allow people to join and exit over time.
  2. Ability to lock up funds for set amount of time.

Maybe the question was in the wrong group or not clear enough.

I have done some further testing and still can’t seem to get the token price to match the value of the investment pool. I tried adding a little liquidity to the token and do a few trades to try to set a visible price on the incognito app. Nothing seems to work. Still looking for some suggestions.


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Hello @skynoid,

Sorry that I missed this. Since this is outside of my depth I have asked a dev to step in and answer your questions.

In the meantime, I have linked some articles which you may find of invest (related to minting a coin on Incognito and getting this coin verified):

Hi @skynoid,

There’s no solution right now for your described use-case. Since we do not support smart contracts, this doesn’t seem possible without a centralized authority in between.

Thanks for the info. Can we make a private version of a BEP20 token or just ERC20?
If I create the token on Binance Chain, can we trade a private version on Incognito?

Yes you can, we support both ERC20 and BEP20.