Unable to send BTC from my wallet. Only shows PRV option

I am unable to send out my coin to any wallet. So my Bitcoin is just stuck in my wallet. When i put in the address it only gives the option to send as prv coin not btc. Please assist me.

I believe the current unshield flow requires PRV to pay for the network fees. If you only have BTC, you can get some PRV from https://faucet.incognito.org/, exchange some BTC to PRV on pDEX and then unshield your BTC.

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Actually I’m curious about this as well, @duc why is PRV the only option now for paying for unshield fees? Previously we used to be able to pay in BTC for unshielding without ever requiring PRV.

The discussion is here: Showing BTC/ETH etc. equivalent of PRV unshielding fee

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Hey @adrian, @abduraman, and @BluHunnidz44,

First of all, sorry for the late response, it’s pretty a busy week due to Bitcoin trustless bridge’s launch.

I got your concern about unshielding fee that isn’t able to be paid by pToken (pBTC, pETH, etc) now. This introduced more friction for users when using the app.

So we discussed and agreed that users will only have to pay PRV for network fee and pToken for unshielding fee once they unshield coins, this would be a unified and better experience I think. This will be applied for Bitcoin first, other tokens will come later, sorry we can’t support all at a time due to resource’s limitation.

@BluHunnidz44 you will be able to unshield your BTC with a much cheaper BTC unshielding fee after the maintenance completes.

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