Two shielding transactions stuck. Says 'Waiting to receive gas fees'

Ive never seen this before. I have ethereum in my account.

One shielding transaction is for some Shib and the other is more ethereum. The shib shielding transaction has been stuck for 2.5 hours.

I’ve also had a pending withdraw of ethereum from my ‘provide’ section for almost 7 hours.

Thank you for your report, I’ve pinged the devs.

Is it a provision or reward withdraw? Provision can take 7 - 10 days to process. Rewards should be within a few hours depending on the amount.

Its a provisional. But I withdrew some provisional DAI and it was in my wallet in about 10-20min. I know it says 7-10 days but I’ve never experienced a wait more than 30 min. And ive provided and withdrew a lot over the days. Ive been with you guys since day 1 lol.

Okay I understand. I’ve pinged the devs and they will look into this when they come online.

Word. The provisional withdraw isnt a huge deal. You guys do give the time frame so I’m not complaining, just never experienced a wait that long ever lol.

Its the stuck shielding transactions im more confused about. So thanks for pinging them! Appreciate the help.