Transferring into Incognito

Hey all, I am new here so forgive me if I am asking questions that have already been answered.

  1. When I transfer crypto into Incognito by shielding, what will it show on the blockchain? Can people tell that I’ve sent crypto to an Incognito address? Therefore, know that I am using Incognito?

  2. If I want to shield my ERC-20 tokens that are on an exchange that has a hold period for transfers, is it recommended to transfer to a traditional wallet first and then to Incognito? Is there a recommended way to minimize transfer fees with this method?

The short answer is yes, and yes.

Shielding transfers show up on the external chain. People can see where you sent the coins. If they know the address is an “Incognito used address”, then they know you are using the Incognito system.

Transactions performed within the Incognito environment are anonymous.

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Thanks Jamie.

As a follow up question, are Incognito addresses identifiable as belonging to Incognito?

Incognito addresses usually refers to the address of your keychains in the wallet app. Those are only used inside the environment.

The rotating shielding addresses used by the Incognito team, can be identified to belong to the Incognito team by people who shielded some coins themselves.

Incognito is not a mixer. Anonymity occurs within the system.

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