Things I'm doing/going to do to help grow incognito

I’ve been staring my own cryptocurrency consulting business helping people getting into cryptocurrency and showing them how to earn passive income in crypto. Thanks to @andrey and saying just starting doing a podcast if I’ve been thinking about it for awhile. I’m going to be doing a podcast alongside the business. I’ve been talking to as many people as I can about Incognito especially privacy focused people. When I’m able to purchase some nodes I’d like to order a few so on-board people as node operators as soon as possible. Not to mention I’d like to run a few too and work on getting into doing a virtual node just for my own fun. I’m still thinking about what else I’ll be able to do to grow this project and amazing community. I’ve mentioned it to a few people that when I found incognito it was a flashback to the old days of bitcoin. I got involved in cryptocurrency in 2013 incognito brought me back to those days and I truly love and believe in this project and community more than most.


Nice to see more earlier Bitcoin adapters here in the Community. That’s a good sign for Incognito.

@cryptodabber710 , you can join our incognito rebels telegram group, (If you haven’t joined yet) here you’ll find also marketing material collected. :blush:


Thank you I’ll make sure I’ve joined it.

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