The human side of us is what creates a beautiful community!

Hello Community,

About 7 hours ago I made a trade on the Incognito app to swap BNB for USDT. Unknown to me, I used the wrong pair BNB BSC / USDT for the trade and ended up trading 17.6236899 pBNB for 510.192508 pUSDT as can be seen in this link and txid dbc114c2402aefe13905a7eb0748e7b095aeeee38c96e11d4a9796c580ef7d02, or screenshot attached.

Based on the value of BNB at the time of the trade, I was supposed to have received about $10460 in USDT but only received $510 or 4.8%.

I’m devastated by this and haven’t been able to sleep. I reached out to @Support but they are saying there is nothing they can do about it to help retrieve the extra funds.

In effect, I’ve just lost about 16.77 BNB (or about $9950). This dumb mistake has cost me my savings. I don’t know what to do. I’m emotionally down.

I’d want to plead with the community to help me retrieve the funds. If you happen to be the person (arbitrageur) who received the extra funds, please I’m pleading with you to return it to the Incognito address below and/or reach out to me. If you know the person who received the extra funds, please direct the person’s attention to this post and encourage him/her to return it. If you return the funds, I’ll reward you with 4 BNB for your kindness.

My Incognito address is

The human side of us is what creates a beautiful community and makes the world a beautiful place to live in!

Thank you!



@abduraman @KingOfCrypto thanks for adding your voice!


Dear @Bandix123 I sympathize with you and infact this your quote touches me. I hope the person will behave humanly whenever he/she sees this post if he/she is not a thief before.

Because to me, getting that huge amount of money from someone in this manner is not a blessing, it’s a curse.

I, thereby, once again appeal to whosoever gotten this money in his/her wallet to release it in mercy!

The best way to live a well fulfilled life is just the way to make our fellow human beings happy not to make them sorrowful.

Let’s imbibe the spirit of humanity and the fear of God in everything we do!



You’re welcome my brother!