Support for EthPoW Fork(s) ?

Hey @Support,

Yes, the question you are waiting for is coming :joy: I think such an extensive fork is the first after Incognito started. Probably everything in Ethereum will be duplicated. Will any effort be spent for bridging that (or those) network(s)? I mean unshielding by bridging :slight_smile: Of course, shielding that garbage network is unnecessary.


Hey @abduraman, theoretically an unshielding proof can be submitted to both EthPoS and EthPoW forks (if any). So the needed effort is just at client sides (app/web & proof relayers) if we want to support those networks. We don’t know yet, what do you think @abduraman as the tokens on the forked chains will likely be for selling asap since the key players (especially stablecoin issuers) in Ethereum ecosystem will seem to support the PoS one?


Yes :slight_smile: I think early minutes/hours of the fork will be fun for trading. Probably some chaos. So I don’t think efforts you mentioned will not be appropriate at those times. However, if EthPow can find some rooms later as ETC did, you may consider bridging. An announcement about the fork may be good in that sense.

Personally, I’ll withdraw most of my Ethereum assets to my wallet since even Binance cannot predict what it will do.

I see, Incognito will differ from Binance at one point though: you will always be able to unshield assets to EthPoS and its forked chains even in case we don’t support an UI for those forks since it’s permissionless.
We are preparing for the Merge by supporting a “merged” Ethereum testnet (eg. Goerli) FYI. Regarding the announcement, yes, we will.


If someone here considers participating in Big Fork Festival :joy: as I will do, please be careful for the replay attacks. Here is a good reading:


Do we get ETHW tokens?

To avoid any potential issues (replay attack, …) and make it fair for all Incognito users, we don’t support any ETHPOW forks at this point.

ETHW seems to have value and I hate to miss out on that value just because I kept my ETH on incognito. I would appreciate, if you can figure out a way to pass on these tokens to community.

I don’t know whether this is good or bad news to you but there is also one more fork: EthereumFair ( So each ETH in Incognito has ~13$ airdrop (ETHW + ETHF) as of now.