[Solved] Withdrawal of provide rewards has been pending for a long time

Hello all.
I want to withdraw the accumulated PRV rewards in the “provide” section of the wallet, I have done it in the past and the time it took was between few minutes and around 20 minutes.
This time is taking much longer.
I have PRV avaiable in the “assets” section to pay for the fees if needed and I am doing exactly the same as in the past.
Do you now what is the acceptable timeframe for a withdrawal of the PRV rewards in the provide section?
Is there any known issue at the moment?
Any answers to my questions are greately appreciated.
Have a nice day!

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Hi @Pepe Depending on the ammounts Withdrawing from Provide can take up to 3 days time. There are no know issues at the moment. I believe its just a matter of patience, yet do please keep us updated if you run into any issues so we can assist you.

Hope that helps.


Most are done within 24 hours, the larger the amount the more time usually needed. Max I have ever waited is 24 hours quickest I have received is 1 hour

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Rewards only withdraws are usually done in about 15 minutes but there has been periods in time where that goes up to 24 hours or so. I think the team runs out of PRV and has to unstake some nodes to get the PRV needed to process the backlog.


sometimes hours but sometimes just in few minutes


Thank you very much to all who answered my question!