(Solved) Since docker update nodes won't go online

Since the latest tag update (20230905_1) my nodes cannot get online. I’ve bootstrapped the beacon and shard again, and the docker stays online, logging information like Finish store beacon block!!!. They have been running more than 2 hours, but still they get slashed.

I’ll send the logs of the node that got both the beacon and shard files directly from the bootstrap script just some hours ago to @Jared. The error.log has just one line: 2023/09/08 16:24:25 Using network param file for mainnet.

To create the docker here are some of the flags and values I used, in case it’s useful to know.

BOOTNODE_IP = mainnet-bootnode.incognito.org:9330
INDEXER_ACCESS_TOKEN = edeaaff3f1774ad2888673770c6d64097e391bc362d7d6fb34982ddf0efd18cb

Do the nodes show up as online in the monitor? If they are offline then bootstrapping is unlikely to fix the issue.

Try removing the container and invoking the updater service. This is assuming you used Rocky’s script to set everything up initially.

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No. The docker stays online, not restarting, but they never show as online in the monitor.

I didn’t used his script, but I copied the way to create the dockers from it.

Go ahead and delete your container and re-add, wait a few minutes.

What hardware is your node installed on? If it’s slow it could take a while to come online.

Thank you so much. Deleting the docker and creating it again did worked, I don’t know why.