(Solved) Pnode not functioning

After attempting to troubleshoot a slashed node, I opened it up. Blue light is on, ethernet lights flashing, But the fan on the board isn’t spinning and it’s not showing up under FING or my router list. Is it dead?

Not at all. A blue light on the device means it is powering on.

When is the last time the pNode was working?

Have you had any power outages, power surges or internet issues since then?

It sounds like you have removed the side panel (as you have access to the Ethernet port) do you have an HDMI cable that you can use to hookup to the pNode and to a TV/monitor? This is the best method to figure out what is going on.

Unplug the power from the pNode. Keep Ethernet plugged in and plug in HDMI into the pNode and then into a device to view it on. Now power up the pNode. Watch the screen carefully. After a few seconds the boot screen should appear. Do you see this? After the boot screen loads it will start to boot into Ubuntu. Do you see this?

Let me know the answer to these questions. I’m sure we can get it diagnosed and back online.

Got it to boot… but it comes up with "error connecting to /tmp/tmux-1000/default (no such file or directory)

I can view it on the pnode dashboard but there’s no MiningPublicKey

Awesome. Sounds like your docker container is down. You can follow the steps in the guide to get it working again or download TeamViewer or AnyDesk and we can do a remote session and get it working again, up to you.

Docker is stuck in a restart loop it seems

Follow the bootstrapping guide to fix the stalled data. Start with Beacon data and then see if it is still stalling. If it is then bootstrap the shard data as well.

Can we set up a Anydesk meeting to fix this? It doesn’t seem to be doing anything

Yes I sent you a PM just now to get the details to connect in.

Issue has been resolved. pNode added to the re-stake queue.