[Solved] Placed a trade on pDEX [Unsuccessful]

Need help! Placed a trade for ETH to USDC waited an hour, and it showed that the trade was unsuccessful, I don’t see my initial ETH balance in my wallet… help PLEASE!

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Make sure you have an active connection to the internet. Pull down on the Asset page for the keychain from which you traded, to refresh your balances.

Using both 4G and Wifi, refreshed, my initial ETH balance was not received. (total of 10+ ETH)…

Trade #77369 -> UNSUCCESSFUL

Please help!

No received USDC and my eth balance is missing…

Can you drill down in the transaction history and check if there is a Retry button/link?

Under order history?

Yes. If you don’t find anything there, go back to the Asset page and check the ETH history there.

Not sure what you mean by retry button, don’t see any… under PDEX -> ORDER HISTORY -> Trade #77369 -> UNSUCCESSFUL

Unsuccessful message was about 2 hours ago and my ETH balance still shows 0.

Hmmm … you’ll need to contact @ support here on the forum.

From what I can see, the most recent failed USDC-ETH transaction was 5 hours ago –


– and is not for 10+ ETH.

The most recent successful USDC-ETH transactions are not for 10 ETH either …


image It was 2 hours ago. Here’s the proof.

image Nothing received under my asset page

It looks like all ETH and ERC20 transactions (successful and failed) stopped about 2 hours ago – around 1804 UTC.

All ETH - Successful

All ETH - Failed


The ETH infrastructure probably fell over. Once the devs reboot/resolve the issue, failed transactions should show up and balances will update.

Hey @duc @binh @0xkumi @Rocky – can someone go kick the hamster cage providing power for the ETH node? Think those little guys fell asleep again.


Okay thanks Mike, was worried for a moment there, 11 ETH is a huge sum of money to me, getting really anxious over this


LMAO…love the hamster cage reference bro…good one… :rofl: :sunglasses:

Hi @Shiba_Inu,

Your transaction seemed to go through now. Can you double-check again? Your transaction failed due to an issue with gas estimation on Uniswap. Sorry for this inconvenience.