(Solved) Node monitor issue with detail view

At the time of checking those are the current heights. Summary page shows state latest. Details about nodes on the mobile app also show no problems

You should most likely bootstrap your node:

I don’t think this is a node problem but node monitor is showing wrong information.
That particular node is in committee now and has 100% vote status,
checking the same node on the phone app shows all green on beacon/shard details.

Same thing with multiple other vnodes

Perhaps a cache issue on your browser. Try clearing cache or using a different browser.

Can you paste a few of their ValidatorMiningPublicKeys?

Thank you. It turns out to be some sort of browser issue. Clearing browsing data with default settings makes no difference (ms edge). A different browser works.

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On windows you can try hitting Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page without pulling from the browser cache.