[Solved] Moving my Node (Physical) to new Phone

How do I do it? The app is on my new phone, but I couldn’t use the QR codes to move my accounts. It just says account not copied. I have my key backed up, I just need to know how to move them to the new phone. I couldn’t find a way to disconnect my node from my old phone. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Peter should be able to give you help with this. If I owned a pNode I would help.


Thanks @Jared :+1:
Hi @Matthew1775, simply follow these steps:
1/ On the new phone, tap on “Power” to open the Node screen. Then, tap on “Add a Node” => “Add an existing Node”
2/ Scan the QR code of your Node. Then tap “Link Node” to confirm
3/ Then, it will show “Missing account”, you just need to transfer your Node key chain from your old phone to the new phone. Here’s how: It says "Missing account". What should I do?

Send me a screenshot if you get any error messages.



Thank you. Everything transferred perfectly. I really appreciate the help.