It says "Missing account". What should I do?


After your Node was set up successfully, an associated account is created. This account will receive the rewards from the Node automatically when you make a withdrawal.
For some reason (re-install the app, add the Node on other devices), you have to restore the assigned account to remove this message.

1/ Tap on “Import” to start restoring your account


2/ It generates the account name, you can edit with your own name. Tap on “Edit


In this case, I want my account name to match with the Node ID for easily tracking


3/ It’s time to import the private key, which I saved before. Its format is 112t8rn… I copy and paste it here


Then, tap on “Import” to finish the process

4/ Everything is good now


5/ If you didn’t save the private key to restore the account. Please do not make any withdrawal until the message “Missing account” is removed

We can help to update the assigned account of your Node to a new one. Please prepare the following:

  1. An ethernet cable to connect your Node to the router
  2. A computer connected to the above network
  3. install this software, it helps me to access your computer. Then, please send a message to my email: to arrange a remote session.