(Solved) MATIC unshielding stuck

Hi @Support,

Don’t you check out PM Support messages anymore? I’m asking this since my recent messages also had not received any answer. Like them, my message I sent today also didn’t receive any response for hours.

Could you check out my PM support message? My MATIC assets are stuck for +12 hours.


Hello @abduraman,

Sorry if I missed your last message. I will look over your newest support ticket.

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No problem @Jared but I thought that many people were checking out the tickets since @ support group contains many users.

We have actually narrowed down the support team that will be immediately available to reply. This streamlines tickets and devs will be added as needed. We do this to prevent over notification to all the devs. It was taking away valuable time from coding. :sweat_smile:

So approximately when can my issue be resolved? :slight_smile: @Support

I have just touched base with a dev and they will look into it now.

Is there any progress guys @Support ? +36 hours passed.

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Good news @abduraman,

It appears your TX has processed. Sorry again for missing your ticket and the delay.

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