[SOLVED] Deposited USDT to my pUSDT address.

Is there any recourse?
For some reason I didn’t see the “To receive from outside Incognito please use Shield.”
I was thinking backwards, that Shielded was inside and Unshielded was outside.
It shows in the app that I made a deposit, but it just shows Pending[0] and the balance didn’t change.

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Hi friend @Firehorse, keep calm and don’t cry )

Please give me a screenshot of this:


Thank you for helping with this.



Shielding Address:

  • Are you sure you did send your USDT from external wallet to this shielding address: 0x5378b7906c83ff6eB43A3e115BFD1417fdBe3880

  • If yes, please check if the funds have left that external wallet? and give me tx hash too.

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Actually I sent it to:

I must be tired because it didn’t even occur to me that it wasn’t an Ethereum address.

I have no idea how it even showed up in the app.

I couldn’t find a Tx hash for it.

I’m starting to think that entry in the wallet and my deposit might be unrelated, even though they have similar time stamps.

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The funds have not left your external wallet, right?

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FYR, Do Not Panic - Please Wait Patiently


Phew, all is good.
It bounced back into the account I sent from. It must have taken some confirmations before it showed back up (it was from an exchange).
Weird that they even let it send in the first place.

I really appreciate the response and moral support. It was only $230, but it’s a good way to learn to be more careful in the future!

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@Firehorse, glad to hear it! You made me surprised that you marked the topic ‘Solved’ by yourself haha :joy:

Please be more careful in the future, my friend! I hope that you feel more comfortable with Shielding now :slight_smile: