Shows offline, still earning?

Hi! I have multiple pNodes, and all but one of them have been showing as “offline” for a few months now, but they’re still earning? To me, that seems to indicate that the offline status is a glitch, but I would like to make sure now that slashing is live. I have tried to unplug and re-plug in the pNodes, and checked their wifi, and everything is in order, so I’m confused. Help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello @SynthiaNominae,

Previously nodes could earn while offline. If your nodes are still showing as offline please open a ticket with the @Support account so we can help diagnose your node issue(s).

Have you checked your node(s) status on the Node Monitor (

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I have not, but I noticed the three dots at the top of each pNode’s tab, and the status there also says offline. I’ll get a ticket started with support, thank you!!

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