Samourai wallet seized

You guys seen the news?

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Whoaa… :open_mouth: :astonished: :frowning:…will have to check it out…thanks for the heads up …@Lolgang

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This happened about the same time that the Incognito devs decided to sunset Incognito. My guess is that either the Incognito devs saw this news and got spooked, or that someone from the U.S. government contacted them about the possibility of getting arrested. My gut feeling is that the latter scenario is the case, due to how abruptly the devs decided to shut things down.

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This is pure speculation and likely a reach. Incognito hasn’t been supported or functioning for over a year now. Likely the devs saw the writing on the wall. It would take a massive effort from them to bring this project back from the dead, and they probably have better things to do now, like their own real jobs or personal lives.


To be honest, I’m really panicking here! I’m not exactly a geek and I’m so afraid that I won’t be able to withdraw my crypto coins. I hope, they put some instructions out as soon as they have the locks removed!

Hello @Meisine,

The only Provide locked funds you should have would be PRV. Everything else can be withdrawal from Provide and then unshielded off of the Incognito network.

Hey @Jared, Any update on when our locked PRV will become available to withdraw?

Also, when if comes to withdrawing PRV, is there an ERC-20 contract address that we should use in order to withdraw and store in an Ethereum wallet E.g. Metamask, Trust Wallet or Stack Wallet?

I believe locked terms have begun unlocking but the queue is processing.

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