(Resolved) Started having problems with my incognito-cli

Cannot create reward withdrawal transaction: RPC returns an error: &{-6004 Pool reject invalid tx: signature, or proof or verify by itself fail -6004: -1001: Reject invalid tx -1025: Can not verify proof of tx [...] AggregatedRangeProofV2 of PaymentProofV2 must be version 2 or higher

Looks like it’s outdated? Main branch has not been touched for 5 months. Do I need to switch branch?

Tried the latest branch beaconstaking and that did not make any difference. Also updated my full node to 20230503_1 just in case. Does this have anything to do with the network outage problems?

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@Support you have any idea what this is, is there no incognito-cli for the recent changes? Is it a problem on my side?

I would normally have more patience, but I needed to use it now to stake more nodes.

Hey there @fredlee,

Sorry we missed your post, things have been a bit hectic around here lately.

I’ve reached out to the dev team to find out if the issue is the incognito-cli, the network, etc.

Hey @fredlee,

The devs will be releasing an updated version of Incognito-CLI that works with the updated bulletproofs. I’ll ping you once it’s released.


Also unable to use long standing cli commands.

When will the update be released abouts?

Estimated in under 24 hours.

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52 hours later … are we there yet? :wink:

Let me see where we are with this release.

20 minutes :laughing:

Please keep us updated once the new incognito-cli client is released.


Oh, I think I found a solution if you build from source. I didn’t notice before, but there was actually a new version of the sdk committed last week.

In your local copy of the incognito-cli repository, try:

go get github.com/incognitochain/go-incognito-sdk-v2@b416e16

to get the latest sdk, then just

go build

My transactions are finally getting through again! :partying_face:

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@fredlee @brico84 @brg,

We have just released a new Incognito-CLI. Check it out here: