(Resolved) Node monitor problems

Hey @Support.

I had a power outage today. Everything is up and running again and show “LATEST” in sync status.

I currently have a couple of nodes in committee, but looking at the node monitor I do not get the vote stats for the current epoch, I only see data from the last round (about 100 epochs ago).

I also have 5 old nodes that show up as “SYNCING”? No nodes were slashed so far and I have not received any stake back, so I am a bit unsure what’s going on regarding these 5.

Hello @fredlee,

I’ll ask the devs to take a look at the fullnode used for the Node Monitor.

Hello @fredlee,

Sorry for the delay. It appears everything is operating as it should be, correct?

The node monitor seems to work now, yes. I still have some nodes stuck in a weird “Synced” but still “Syncing” role. I sent a private message to support and I think they’re still looking into it. (I hope)

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khanhj and the team have fixed the syncing issue, and everything looks good now.