(Resolved)Convert failing and prv missing

Started the convert V1 tokens to v2.
PRVs reported the converted but doesn’t show in v2 account. image

Then none of my others converted.
The report “not enough coin to spend for fee WEN_JS_ERROR(-5)”

So my questions are

  1. where are my tokens
  2. why am I paying for a forced update.

This is ridiculous that I have to pay to upgrade my tokens and can’t decide to just burn old utility coins no longer needed or used.

Need this fixed and access to my funds.

You need PRV in each account to pay for the transaction (0.0000001 PRV). Use getPRV.com to deposit a little into each account and try the conversion again.


Hi @fitz_fiat,

As in the screenshot you shared, the PRV conversion was successful, but it would take up to a few minutes for the balance to be updated. If your PRV balance has not updated (still zero) by now, please create a ticket for @ Support.

Once you have the converted PRV in your wallet, the app will use a tiny amount from these PRV to continue converting other pTokens.

If you feel it’s not fair to have to pay these tiny conversion fees, please drop us your payment address (V2), we will send you some PRV to cover it.

Thank you.


At the moment, you cannot get PRV from getprv.com. It produces an error message of an invalid address.

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It is because the service has been upgraded to Privacy V2. Instead, just send to @Support your address v2. We’ll send you some PRV to cover the conversion fee.

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All funds finally got converted over and are listed in my v2 wallet.