[Resolved] App Display Issues - Balances say 0 with Inc in Wallet

Why are all coins in the wallet balance amounts say 0 and default to INC token?

Hello @Razor,

We have identified an app service interruption. Only the app is impacted by this and the network and nodes are operating as usual. The devs are working to restore all app services, sorry for the inconvenience.

Funds are 100% safe and this is just a display issue.


Thanks @Jared for providing an update on the situation.

I have faith in the excellent Incognito Devs and hope that this issue is resolved in a timely manner.

But, more importantly, if this issue was the result of a 3rd party service going down, I hope this service will be identified and that the incognito Devs will implement a fix to effectively prevent this potential attack vector that caused this widespread app outage from occurring again. Thanks.

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How might one send/receive funds and otherwise interact with the blockchain during this kind of interruption?

When this type of interruption arises it would be glad to display a warning when opening the app. Many of us who don’t know what’s going on were afraid until found this topic.

I will remain afraid until everything returns to normal. In the meantime I seem to be an INC billionaire!

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@Jared. Could we get an update on this? I’m starting to find it odd that it’s been quite some time with this error persisting, and not very many people are talking about it. And there seem to be little or no updates.

from my sight, I’m able to interact with the network using the incognito-cli (https://github.com/incognitochain/incognito-cli).

I mean, I was able to withdraw reward from a Node and send PRV from one Address to another.

You can still see your node status using this tool and your validator public key: https://monitor.incognito.org/ I’m able to see mine.

I hope the dev will swiftly resolve this app backend issue, and I’m sure @Jared will explain whatever happened.

Am I reading wrong? A display issue that takes more than 2 days to solve while our funds are stuck? It seems a huge problem to me. @jared did not answer with a workaround so I’m assuming there is none. Very concerning to me. I’m worried and fear for my funds in the future. I think the lack of communication is inconceivable.

The Incognito-CLI is the best method of use right now. The process is very straight forward and we can assist you if needed.

There is an app notice and your app should have opened to it on launch. The bulletin board icon should also so on the main screen.

The dev team is working around the clock to get everything back online. As stated previously, only the app is impacted and the network is still fully functional.

That is correct, the Incognito-CLI, which does not interact with the app infrastructure at all is still operational since it directly interacts with the blockchain.

Once everything is back up and operating we will post a what happened and what we plan to do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Funds are 100% safe, there is no issue with the network. Please use the Incognito-CLI for the time being, if you need assistance using it please reach out.


@Razor @HiddenBear @Herb @brg @John_Doe1 @drusin,

Good news! Testing is complete and the app is back to functional status! :star_struck::partying_face:

pApp swaps routing is still being worked on but regular pDex swaps are functional.

UPDATE: pApps are working as well. :raised_hands:


Hi Jared,

Can you provide me with some information if I would like to set up a node in the cloud. I remember there was a service that could help with that. Do you have any recommendations?


Sure, you can pick any VPS that you want and spin up a node that way: How to host a Virtual Node

You can also use a community provided solution. There is a community member who manages and runs nodes for users. Hosting service for vNodes! Website fully automated.

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