Question about APY (vnode vs. investing)

Hey I just found out about this project and I am really impressed with it!
I have a question, I think I might understand something wrong.
As far as I understand, right now the APY is 37 percent for a (v)node. Whereas investing PRV and for example pBTC would give me 62.7 percent PRV APY and 5 percent in BTC.
If that’s the case, it’s way more interesting to invest PRV and pBTC than to stake PRV. Can someone explain to me if this is correct, and if not what I understood wrong?


Welcome to Incognito @Staker!

That’s not correct. APY is 37% for Node Pool, which is where you can put any amount of PRV and get rewarded for it.

If you run a Node (either physical or virtual, it depends on your skill level), the return is much higher. Node Pool is a way for users without much PRV to earn something and help the network, but operating a Node provides the highest average returns.

The Invest button in the app is what you use to provide liquidity, or let your PRV/crypto be used for others to trade against. At the moment, that has a return of 62.7% on your PRV and __% on your other crypto, which averages to somewhere around 30-40% on the total amount. It’s best for people who want higher returns than Node Pool, want to help the project, but don’t want to trade their other assets all for PRV.

Of all the options, Nodes still provide higher returns. Here’s one user’s report on how much he earned across 8 Node Virtuals: Node Earnings Statistics - Weekly Update 5/23/20. Selection is random, so earnings vary, and the more nodes you run, the sooner your earnings average out.


Thank you so much for the elaborate explanation. It is all clear to me now.


Not a problem! :smiley:
Don’t hesitate if you have any more questions. There’s plenty of discussion around the site as well that can be helpful.