[Product release] Incognito wallet extension & web-based swap

@JG20 The team has been working on Masterless keychain support for a couple weeks now. Its ETA is by the end of next week. Also, because this will need to be submitted to browser store for review, it can take a few days more I think.


Can a feature be added to import coins? @duc Currently, I cannot use the extension with my account which has so many output coins although it has so less unspent coins. While the extension syncs, I go on browsing Internet and check the sync ratio out time-to-time. It seems ok but after some time passes, I see it never reaches to %100 and starts to sync again from scratch.

An easy solution would be that the extension can recognize and import the output file under .cache folder generated by incognito-cli. So I’ll sync my account with incognito-cli and then I’ll import the output file into the extension.

Oh got it. I guess the coin-scanning process was killed by the browser for some reason (e.g resource usage was excessive, …). As stated in the previous bi-weekly update, we’ve improved it by supporting the resume from where it left off capability, so that you won’t need to re-sync from scratch once the issue happens. This is being reviewed on the browser store and will be published for use soon.

Thereby, the way of coin scanning of incognito-cli and wallet extension is quite similar except you are not able to import the scanned coins from an existing .cache directory yet.

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Hey @JG20, just wanted to get you updated about Masterless keychain support on Incognito wallet extension, its implementation is done, we were testing it on browsers and found a couple of issues that need to be fixed. Will let you know once it’s published on the browser store. Thank you.


Thanks for the update!

@JG20 the latest wallet extension (v0.0.7) has supported masterless keychain, please update your extension if it hasn’t and give it a try. Thanks.

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Yes, it works. @duc

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How did you get it to work? When I open it, I only get “Create New Key” and “Import Phrase” options. It shows version 0.0.7. @duc

I didn’t do it from scratch. Probably it requires a phrase initially as Metamask does. After that, you may import your masterless account by clicking the button with the account name at the top-right.

@JG20, just like @abduraman said, go to keychains by clicking on Top Right Button (account name), switch to Setting MasterKey and click on “Import a keychain”.
After you import a masterless keychain, there will be one more option for “Masterless” in the top right dropbox.

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Hi @duc. I’ve been using this for about a week now. The main challenge is that it’s slow to scan accounts that I add. I have a bunch of old accounts and it takes more than an hour for each one, but that’s only if I make sure nothing interrupts it like clicking a different browser the wrong way. And even if I leave it active and do nothing, it freezes multiple times during the process, and then I have to close the browser and reopen it, enter the password again, and then cross my fingers that I don’t do something to interrupt the process. Am I doing something wrong here?

The above will be critical to decentralisation. I would like to be able to specify my own Node to connect within my local network, hence please support the ability to connect to 192.168.XXX.XXX addresses.

I have lost a lot of crypto via a web browser plugin.
I made a promise to myself NEVER to use a browser plugin that didn’t support Ledger Hardware wallet for Confirmations.

I ONLY use Metamask with my Ledger Nano to approve transactions.

QUESTION: When is Ledger Nano support coming to Incognito Network?
Please provide an updated roadmap on this long outstanding community request (Oct 2020 - Ledger hardware wallet support? ) @duc @Jayce_Nguyen @maisie

Hey @Linnovations, as stated in the roadmap, the team has been working on the hardware wallet support for a couple of months now. The code for that is almost completed, we are speaking to Ledger team for a code review (for publishing the code to their store). For more details, I think @DariusL who is the owner of the development effort might give a more correct update.


Hi there @Linnovations,
Regarding Ledger hardware wallet integration, we’ve concluded features development; these features need more testing though. You will be able to view your hardware wallet account’s balances and confirm shield, transfer & swap transactions with your hardware device.
We will be submitting our Ledger App to the store next week. Do note that the Ledger app store review process can take a long time to complete, and only then will you be able to install Incognito’s App from Ledger Live. You could also side-load our app to your Nano device (developers only), we’ll have a guide for that next week.


Thank you @duc & @DariusL for the update on the Ledger Nano integration.

Incognito have one of the BEST development teams in the crypto space.

This news put a BIG :smile: on my face and I look forward to testing out this feature and using this feature in the near future. I shall await the official update and guide from the team soon.

Many thanks :pray:


Hey @duc, any thoughts on this? The scanning has slowed to a crawl and I have to restart the browser about every 3-5%.