Privacy for Kyber Network

We’ve seen privacy for cryptoassets. Now, on Kyber, the world has privacy for smart contracts – Incognito mode for DeFi.

Don’t compromise your identity. Don’t reveal your trading history. You no longer need to expose yourself.

Privacy for DeFi is here.

Kyber is the most used decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol in the world, with over $1 Billion in transactions. Now, it’s also the first Ethereum DEX to embrace privacy. Move over, privacy coins – privacy dApps are here. You can now trade anonymously against massive liquidity on the Ethereum chain.

Trade anonymously

In addition to Kyber’s own fees, trading privately interacts with both the Incognito and Ethereum networks. To celebrate the launch, Incognito will cover cross-chain fees.

It takes just a couple of taps to turn on privacy for Ethereum’s favorite DEX. All you have to do is download the Incognito app to start trading on Kyber anonymously.


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