Possibility of listing PRV on an exchange other than vitex

I am not sure what limitations or team thinks of having PRV, the native token for the network listed on some exchanges aside from Vitex. Even an exchange which is small like Crex24? I just think having the token be able to be paired to eth and btc…and utilize market making and have atleast a market where outside money can purchase the coins and that is a exchange of mostly users who like coins which offer good ROI’s and sustainable price for a balanced portfolio…

In summation, would like to hear the yays and the nays for a listing of the Native asset on an exchange where daily volumes are calculated would immediately improve the appearance, market rank, and public knowledge…I think Kucoin, or Kraken would both be excellent options…but would advise staying away from margin and leverage…

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I do not think we should try to get listed on a CEX. Does not bring real value to our project, as PRV is a utility token. If for the sake of marketing purposes we want PRV to be traded on other platforms in order to get some more attention/users, I would love to see us on Uniswap. Should be possible by creating a wrapped PRV version.


I am happy with that also…The main 2 goals would be to increase publically verifiable liquidity of the PRV asset, as daily volume of the PRV token is a direct impact on both price, marketcap, and of course whether people who would not have otherwise, be exposed to learn and want to know more…It’s untapped value to not be more available publically

If we want to get listed on PancakeSwap but we need to wrap $PRV i could start a votation to get listed on the platform! i have some governance power… We may should give some $PRV for the SyrupPools in that case! but then people would be able to farm BNB-PRV and get CAKE!

I can start the process for Vote but first we should speak with the team!

@ning When we make the BSC bridge Can we make it in both ways? I mean we could also wrap PRV on BSC and the other way around! The BSC team should work together with us for that

i think most of you guys know that we haven’t been focused on pushing awareness of PRV, but rather our products. this is not to say publicity is bad - i’d be very happy to see pDEX integrated into some platforms/wallets and listed properly on some sites, for example. imo, in terms of product-market fit (the goal), a clearer signal is the increasing prevalence of non-PRV trades on pDEX – because it was built for people to buy and sell crypto privately.

i am aware that this is not a very popular opinion, and that many people think native coins are the ultimate marketing tool. so it might also be worth noting that we didn’t list PRV on Vitex… they went ahead themselves. so any exchange is welcome to list PRV if they want, and by that same logic, any community member can work to list PRV if they wish.

yeah from a resources standpoint, if PRV is going to be wrapped, i reckon it should be the wrapping (wrapper?) network. imo there’s no point doing stuff like that if there isn’t 2-way interest.


I understand your point of view and i’ m from the same idea. Focus on products and technology. Anyway adoption is needed if you want that those products gonna be used by thousands of people every day.
Privacy is a niche, but people are starting to discover new project every day.
Other project they can have more spotlight and if they move fast they can take some Incognito share. We are not the only building a privacy chain out there .

Good exchanges normally list for free coin that have massive amount of users, crazy metrics on twitter and high Mcap and volume.

Bad exchanges are easier for listing but gives bad reputation.

ViteX is fine but i think has no volume.

I think should be in the community interest to give some spotlight to this project.
using a DEX on another chain could be the right way to do it, and more users will use and know our platform.

You can avoid those thing for a while but not forever. Every coin has exchanges and dex.

Anyway it is still early to do such a move, i think that for those stuff we should anyway wait for April.


One of the things that led to bring this up is how massive CEFI is…and the core of the success is yield…

“Privacy is a niche, but people are starting to discover new project every day.
Other project they can have more spotlight and if they move fast they can take some Incognito share. We are not the only building a privacy chain out there .”

I totally agree on this point and that’s also why having a platform that accommodates all the needs and appreciates the premium privacy, and the person who is more seeking stable ROI can co-exist on incognito…and it also is a first step for many who might not appreciate the value of privacy to be even more appreciative for the added value offered…


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I think it is an excellent point that if we wait to long other projects will steal our share.

I would like to add that bitcoins bill run won’t last forever. Positioning when we come out swinging on cmc and listing on exchanges etc will affect our adoption.

It would be good to make an erc20 prv that when shielded on incognito gets burned for regular prv. we use uniswap and kyber so we should list on those two at least. That will give tons of exposure.

We need good exposure for the duration of the bitcoin bullrun because that is when the bulk of adoption happens.

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You are totally right.

Maybe wrapping it on a cheaper network would be better as ERC20 we all knows the fees involved. Anyway it is a good move but should be done when all the pieces of the puzzle are already togheter. (roadmap 2021)

This move would allow more people to get involved with the project itse

I am willing to put effort into getting PRV listed on exchanges. But is there buy in from the core team to wrap PRV if neccesary?