pNode slashed during earning

I was tracking my node earning roughly 6-8hrs ago and after a few hours of sleep, my pNode is now slashed. According to the Monitor, nothing is stalled on the node and it does look to be healthy. Is there an average time it takes for slashed nodes to come back online? I have two other nodes that haven’t come back online as of 4 days later although they have been marked for restaking.

Hello @LW_NCGO_696,

Please provide me your ValidatorMiningPublicKey for the node that was just slashed.

As for the other nodes, the re-stake queue is a pool that is based on first-come, first-serve. Reviewing our previous chats I checked on your nodes and they appear to be re-staked soon as long as their Sync State stays as latest.

ValidatorMiningPublicKey: 1Vqneom9VCJyDTofTLbr1HhX4FRum36jSuM3cNBxQFNCX8b59MHupXdyVggy4PF9S3yi7JGC8tZn12XyN6P3gEoUdKqxcTRHVFzYjLqn6MhKCdyjyW32SQnEQmA2j2qZVPT35TkGUJnNsXTcwas48PoyC7ZrZKEMPrMUEQnSbvyA8jyTYGyHU

It looks like all nodes have switched to ‘beacon syncing’ now…

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I’ve added this node to the re-stake pool.

All of mine that go into an earning cycle keep getting slashed, too. Another one from last night got slashed.

Can you let us know what version they are running? This should not be happening if they are on v2.0.0.

Also when in committee are they being lasted? On the 1st or 2nd epoch?

V2.0.0? I think they are on V1.0.9. The first ones slashed on their second epoch, but now they are slashing on their first. I’ll go in and get them updated. Should I send the ValidatorPublicKeys of the ones that are slashed at this time?

Yes if you have slashed nodes that have not been sent since slashed please send them over on your ticket and I will get them re-added.

Got it, will do! Thank you!

Same for me that happened to me too

Please ensure your nodes are running the latest release of v2.0.0. There was a bug that was fixed with this release.

Originally I my 13003 and QU3 were slashed. These were referenced previously to support and as of 5 days ago they are still slashed. QU3 is reporting ‘latest’ and v2.0.0. 13003 is reporting ‘latest’ and v1.0.9, I’m working on updating that one as I write this. Now the third node, 168, has been slashed and it is currently reporting ‘latest’ and v2.0.0. That was the validatorpublickey that was sent in this forum topic chain. Now I have a 4th node that is ‘offline’ and I have attempted to clear the ‘stalled beacon’, but after 2 reboots it still hasn’t deleted that information. I am following the pNode troubleshooting guide. Are there any other recommendations?

UPDATE: 13003 has been updated to v2.0.0

Please reach out via your support ticket to schedule a remote session.

@Jared can you check my pNode pls?
Validator MiningPublickey:


Your node is fine. You need to submit the following to the @Support account to enter your pNode into the re-stake queue.

QR Code: