Node not shipped

So, I didn’t receive it on Saturday. I’m assuming he meant shipped? Will incognito expedite my order? Overnight shipped? I’m confused. @Peter

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That’s just the confirmation email.

They try to ship within 24 hours, but that does not mean it will be received in a day.

There is a backlog of orders after the promotion.

You will receive a 2nd email with tracking info.



My node was shipped today that I got from the pDAI sell, so they are processing and moving hard, have no worries on that!


Can’t wait for my node to ship.

Hi @Justin_Smith, it doesn’t mean you will receive the Node within 24 hours. The target is to process with FedEx/ UPS in a working day so you will receive the tracking number the next day.

There will be another follow-up email with the tracking number, too.

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Hi @Peter, I haven’t received tracking for the two nodes I purchased last week and additionally, my node that I already have hasn’t earned for at least a week since my last withdraw. Not sure what’s happening. Disappointed.

Hey Justin.
-If you haven’t received an email saying that your node is shipped, then it has gotten pushed back to June due to super high demand of the pDAI sell.
-Every single node gets selected at random as to when it gets selected for committee to help facilitate transactions where it will earn. Don’t be surprised when your node earns multiple times a week or it doesn’t earn for a month, it’s meant to be random.
-Next year more slots will open, increasing your chances of being selected.
-Bunch of threads on here about all of this, feel free to search through at your leisure.

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@Jerry_Watson, I know. That’s what I was told last year too.

Oh, so you weren’t asking a question, just venting.

Speaking about pnodes not shipped yet…I imagine mine has also been delayed until June due to big dai sale that took place…and I understand…but was wondering being that my birthday happens to be in June as well…June 3rd to be exact…would be nice if incognito could get mine out to me for my birthday…if possible that is…:blush:

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Nahhh…I was not venting at all…in fact I feel quite lucky and fortunate that I got the Opportunity to get a pnode at the awesome price I did…almost like a birthday present in of itself…:sunglasses:…was just hoping I could get it for me birthday and get it up and running…tis all…:innocent:

Hi, I ordered my Node a week ago but have not yet received any shipping information. I also have not gotten any answer from the team so I figured I’d ask someone here if they knew how they ship units to Europe, would I have to pay for customs? I read there might be some delays in shipping right now, would it be safe to assume that I should have to wait until June?

No, won’t have to pay for customs. They ran out of nodes. They will be sending them out in late to mid June. :slight_smile: I have one pending too.

OK, great! Thank you for replying.

Hi Kerbox…welcome to the Incognito community…:sunglasses:

Is it really so @Peter? or is it specific to Europe? Afaik, payment for customs is on the customer’s side.

Both of mine are sent too with tracking numbers…good times

Received mine yesterday!

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Grrrr…mine should have been here yesterday but UPS screwed up and said they would deliver it today…here I go and check on status of delivery and there is some kind of exception error and so am not sure when they’re going to deliver it…idiots…grrrr…anyway…how am I suppose to compete for the hall of fame badge if I don’t even have the node up and running yet…lol…oh well it will be here eventually…someday…maybe…:slight_smile:

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