Node Lottery

This is 4th lottery right?

I think I will save some prv next time I earn to enter this :grinning:


We have a 1st time repeat winner! Congrats to our 4th official winner of the Node Lottery! @Jan123! Also, wanted to recognize newcomer @AZPEX9 for participating in their first spin! I may have no skin in the game, but it’s definitely a fun time to watch. Kinda like picking a horse in a derby even though you didn’t bet on anyone lol. If you want to get in on the fun, the 5th Lottery is officially open. Just join the discord group and let me know how many entries you would like.



It was another close one! @$RustyShackleford$ bet big, and it looks like it paid off for him! It’s great to see regular players like @Smitty, @spronline, & @ING (58,-24) starting to emerge. We’re going to get you guys a win yet! I’m also hoping to see some new faces for Node Lottery #6. I see our members growing, but it seems like some people are a little shy. I say jump in! The water is warm! If you would like to jump in Node Lottery #6, it is now officially open. Join the discord group above, and let us know how many entries you would like!




It was a close one! @XForged i thought you had it last minute. @JFinky2 is our official winner for Node Lottery #7! I would like to especially welcome our new member @franksasavage! Every spin of the wheel is a win for privacy. Let’s congratulate our new big winner @JFinky2!


Congrats to JFinky on their win of Lottery #7:sunglasses:

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Congrats to our 1st time player & 1st time winner @JustJamesDev ! Another special thanks to our other new members @Matt__ & @Jeus . It is always extra fun for me as a non player to see new members playing. Especially for their 1st time. I hope with every spin, we pick up someone new…and maybe get @Smitty a win. His dedication to the cause is unwavering.

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Congrats to JustJamesDev on his lottery win… :wink:…talk about first time player/winner’s luck…and welcome to the new players Matt and Jeus… :sunglasses:

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Well it took us a little longer this time to fill Node Lottery #9. But, the best kind of holiday gift is worth waiting for. Am I right?! Congrats to our 1st time player and winner @Tempestblack ! Win or lose, I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with friends and family right now. Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, I’m not sad to see 2020 go lol.


Holy smokes…no way…sorry I was not there to see the drawing live…was not feeling well…have upcoming surgery for a blood clot and prior surgery is still healing…I bet if I would have attended it live I would not have won it…but since I was not at the drawing live…I win…lol…Murphy’s law big time…so when I woke up and went to check on emails here was this email from you letting me about the win…I was…‘omg…no way’…I wish to thank you bro for the news and opportunity to have participated in this drawing…and the win of course…to everyone else who participated…sorry that you did not win…whomever you be…but just sign up for a spot on next raffle and best of luck… :sunglasses:



Well, let me start by saying we have come a long way since our humble beginnings. What started as a way to help the privacy movement by giving people a chance to win their very own node has officially given us our 10th winner! Everyone, please congratulate @sid! He jumped in last minute to help pick up some of the slack, and it paid off for him. I would also like to send a special shout out to our first-time players @trebis & @John H . Hopefully you guys found this fun, and want to join the ranks of our regulars. Speaking of regulars, I didn’t forget about you. We will be changing up some of the policies and procedures for the next round. But, I will have a special gift for all you guys who have been supporting this group and have yet to hit paydirt. Stay tuned. Happy Saturday night everyone, and congrats again @sid!


still 13 slots open! Let’s get this wheel spinning!

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Well Node Lottery #11 is officially in the books! We had two new things happen today. One, a first time player, and first time winner @GringoLocomatt ! Second, while some may not have won today, they did pay an all time low to get in! Another node coming online in the name of privacy!


Congrats to @GringoLoco_M for hitting Lottery #11…and it is good to be online once again and interacting with the community…I just got back yesterday from a hospital stay since the 15th of January with Covid and also I lost my left leg below the knee and amputation had to be done…hit me hard but I am coming along…anyway once again to our winner and a big holler to all the wonderful community members here at Incognito… :sunglasses:


I’d like to congratulate one of our node lottery regulars @Zach ! He may have only bought 2 entries, but that didn’t phase him one bit! He came here to win, and win he did!


Not to be outdone by the youngsters in the group, one of the OG’s of the node lottery community also finally put his well-thought-out plan into action. He wasn’t here playing checkers. He was playing chess. Having been in all the lottery’s we’ve had so far but one, @ING (58,-24) finally pulled out his first win!

Congrats to both of you tonight. It was especially historic tonight for two reasons. One, we hit another all-time low for the entry into the lottery at 4.8 PRV! Secondly, this is the first time we have ever done two lottery’s back to back! As always, this was great to watch, and I can’t wait until the day comes we can do multiple lotteries on the regular. If anyone is interested in playing in the next lottery, join the Discord group! Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood @Thriftinkid

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Thank you @Thriftinkid for the cool news…and the awesome work you do hosting the lottery…congrats to both the winners as well…the lottery goes on… :sunglasses: :partying_face:

27 Slots left in Node Lottery #14

Hi @Thriftinkid, I’ve loved seeing this lottery in action. Unfortunately, we’ve stopped Node production and are refunding recent Node orders, so you’ll be unable to place new orders. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Please have a look here for more details: Node orders suspended, production halted


Due to incognito no longer offering pnodes, I will officially be ending the node lottery in its current form.

HOWEVER, April will be open enrollment for a potential community node pool starting May 1st. The minimum amount required to join will be 175 PRV. In the spirit of the original node lottery, I will be setting aside a percentage of the earnings from all nodes run by committee, and the funds will be put in a kitty. Once that reaches 1750 PRV, it will trigger a lottery. The winner will get enough to stake their own pnode if they are lucky enough to own one. Or, run their own vnode! For more info, please join the discord group above. I will be making an offical new posting on the forum once all the details are hashed out.