Node Lottery

I noticed some of the users in the community have been asking incognito how they can buy their own node at a discount. I thought it might be fun to try to help grow the network by having a node lottery for those who want to try and win one. Playing off the way the node selections operate, I’m going to start the following way:

Each “Epoch” will be 1 week.

Drawings will be held every Sunday at 11PM EST.

During that time, you can submit to be included in the drawing by joining the discord group below, and posting how many entries you want. Each entry will cost 10 PRV, and you may put in for as many entries as you want. Once you post, you will be considered “Waiting to be Selected”. I’ll message you directly once you have been marked as officially in, with a way to send your entry fee.

Since each shard contains 32 validators, that’s how the lottery will work.

1 person will be selected at random between the 32 entries and will “Earn” the $399 USD funds to purchase their new node! Funds will be sent to you directly, and you can work out the actual purchase through incognito to maintain the privacy of your personal info.

For every additional 32 entries I receive, I will open up an additional “shard” that week. So, If I received 64 entries, there will be 2 drawings, and 2 winners.

If you have multiple entries, they will be split up between the drawings. So, if you purchased 3 entries, and there are 3 drawings, you will have one placed into each one. If there is only one drawing, all 3 entries will be included.

If I have an odd number, like 70, the last 6 entries I receive will be considered “pending”, and moved to the drawing the following week.

I created a discord group where I will post a screen recording of the drawings, as well as announcing the winners on the incognito forum.

I’m hoping to get the 1st drawing done on 9/13. But, I just wanted to throw this out there, and see what kind of interest level there is. Feel free to share your thoughts and let me know if you are interested in getting in the 1st drawing.

If you want to join the discord group now, here is the link.


Your friendly neighborhood @Thriftinkid


Based on me currently holding the longest non earning streak… I might should sit out from anything that uses the same mechanisms for selections as Nodes :wink:


@doc How many days? I have one currently sitting at 32.

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Longest was 40days, but I have another one sitting at 30 right now too.

Well, I’m coming for that badge @doc unless the silent pnode update drastically changes things lol.

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The node lottery is officially open! Join the discord group if you want a chance to win a pnode!

Tied the record @doc. Just switched to pending. So close!

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Looks like a new record has been set…


This is a neat idea, I wont be entering at this time, but do let us know how it pans out.

Right now, I only have 4 people who have joined the discord group. I could always run with less people to start, but obviously the buy in would be higher.

We are up to 12 members in the discord group. 20 to go.

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Officially taking entries for the the 1st lottery. 27 Slots to go. You can signup for as many entries as you would like!


22 Slots to go!

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17 Slots to go!


Looks like a fun event. Giving it a shot and see how it goes. :grin::+1::tada::tada:

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13 more slots to go!


So close, come on let’s do this.

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10 more slots to go!

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Aww, I’m in, what the hell.


Awesome @jtmerchant! Did you join the discord group? Just need you to join and let me know how many enteries you would like