My node is not running.

image I selected “unstake this node” about a month ago. The current status has changed from orange to gray. What should I do?

Hey @Bangyu this looks like normal behavior. If you click “unstake this node” after the next earning cycle (which can be a month) your node should unstake and leave the network. Can i ask what the issue is?


How do I get the 2198-397295 node to work again?
After accidentally running “Unstake this node”, it hasn’t earned me anything for months.


Hi, if your node has unstaked. You can go to stake by yourself.
We not support re-stake for unstaked pnode.


Hello. How can I do that? Do you have any materials I can refer to?
When I run “stake”, I get a screen to pay 1750prv.

@Bangyu you must have 1750 PRV and fee in your keychain.
Because self stake is staked by yourself. and you will earn 100% income.