Join us for the January 2021 PRV Holders Call

This call has concluded. Get the recap.


Let’s hang out with us for the first PRV Holders call in 2021! :tada: :tada:

We’ll start the new year with a look ahead at what we’re building, like Portal v3, Privacy v2, confidential assets, the new builder rewards program, and more. If you want to take part in shaping the path forward for privacy, RSVP with the poll below.

The usual Q&A will follow the progress presentation. To ensure we have the right team members on the call to answer your questions, please reply to this topic with your questions.

Event details

Time: 2PM UTC | 9PM GMT+7 | 9AM EST | 6AM PST.
Date: Friday, January 8th, 2021.
Livestream: our YouTube channel.

Will you join us?

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See you during the call! :wink:


This was an awesome call. Sorry I could not attend the call live, but I watched the recording.

The highlight for me was right towards the end when @binh gave a awesome demo of the “Web Extension” around the 1hr 15min. mark -

Thanks for sharing this Binh, I agree with Andrey this is going to open things up and attract a new host of users.

Hey @andrey , do you think the Incognito team should run a competition and award a PRV prize to a community member that comes up with the a better name for this as “Web Extension”? Just a thought.

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We’re interested in this idea too. :wink: If we open a contest for this, will you join? :slight_smile:

Yes Ducky, I’ll be happy to submit some names as ideas :slight_smile:

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