Issues scanning QR Codes - Privacy Quest

Hey everyone!

A few of you have reported receiving this error message when you scan a code:

“A wild QR Code appeared, but it isn’t one of ours!”

If you’ve posted about receiving this message, I moved your post into this thread so they can all be addressed at once.

This message appears for one of two reasons:

  • This code is not ours
  • An anti-fraud filter has been triggered

We will be adding a different message for the second case to make it situation specific.

Anti-Fraud Filters

To prevent pirates and bots from taking advantage of the quest and hoarding all the treasure, we’ve put some protective measures in place.

If you use multiple accounts on one device or multiple devices in the same area, the app will block your attempts to earn tokens by showing the above error message.

So, DO NOT try to play the game in multiple accounts/devices, because the app will mistake you for a pirate even though we know you’re a great person.

But I’m only using one account!

If you believe you are receiving this message in error, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Be sure to privately message @support with your specific situation, the code you’re trying to scan, and your phone/device model, and we’ll look into it.

Happy Questing, and good luck!


A friend downloaded the app, and I share him a QR, but it’s saying it’s not a valid QR. It was valid for me and other friends :thinking:

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I have the same. Pulling in new users that downloaded the app and are participating in the Quest. When they are scanning the QR codes (of still active and correct QR code quests) the app tells them it is a wild QR. :construction:

I always see:
A QR code appeared - and it isn’t one of ours!


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This means that you’ve scanned a QR code that isn’t related to the Quest :blush:

It means you have to keep looking!

We’re looking into it! Thanks for bringing it up @J053 and @JamesBrown.

But i found a QR code inside incognito App! and it happens the same thing “A QR code appeared - and it isn’t one of ours!” Im pretty sure that code is one of yours.

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Oh, that’s a different story then! Please DM me with a photo of the code you found and we can check it out. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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Done, check your inbox, and thanks :smiley:

I’m sure the QR code that I found about “The internet privacy guy” is correct, but it keeps telling me I’m wrong, can you double-check @aaron

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Maybe the QR scanner is not working. The page needs a way to insert the link directly.

How does this work im sure i’ve got two QR codes right, but the app is telling me im wrong, one of them is The Internet Privacy Guy … When i scan the codes it says “A wild QR code appeard - and it isnt one of the ours”

Found 3rd QR still not being recognized - can you check that for me? @aaron


Hi guys!

Today I tried to shield my $MATIC using my mobile Incognito Wallet app (Android) and in the process I got the QR code as part of the Quest game. Unfortunately, it appeared to be broken (see the pic enclosed). I also learnt that I wasn’t alone - there were other users mentioning this issue on Twitter.

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I have the same problem. I found a QR code that I know isn’t for an empty chest and it just says the same thing. I’m really worried that the bug will only get fixed after it’s open.

Same issue for me. Found the snowden and tor codes but none of them work. It says its not a code from the game.

I would be happy to verify that you have the correct QR-code. Please DM me.

QR codes don’t seem to work for iOS 14, I’ve checked across 4 phones now and valid codes return the ‘wild QR code appeared’ message

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I have no problems with this on my iPhone 8 running iOS 14.2.
Are you sure you are scanning the correct QR-codes? The small sample QR-codes will not work.
Feel free to DM me if you want me to verify that you have the correct QR-code :slight_smile:

What do you mean by small sample QR codes?

Elena’s code from the video should still be active no?

Additionally I’ve found the BNB, TOR and Sylvain codes, none of which works on my device

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Some promotional material have small QR-codes that people have mistaken for the real QR-codes.

I have scanned all the QR-codes you mentioned without any problems. You are using the in-app scanner, right?