Incognito web app (alpha version) is now live!

Hello Incognito users,

We are thrilled to announce that the alpha version of the Incognito web app is now live, you can give it a shot by going to the following link:

For more details on how to use the web app, please check out the tutorial.

Note that the alpha version is just for user testing purposes, the official launch will come later once the Incognito wallet extension is approved and available for download on the browser extension stores.

Currently, the web app is only supported on desktop. For mobile users, please use the Incognito mobile app instead, we will make the UI/UX of the platforms consistent very soon.

Thank you!


I think there is an authorization problem. @duc I see this dialog once I enter the address.


Hey @abduraman, could you please try again, we’ve just remove the authorization, sorry for the inconvenience!

No problem. Thanks.