Incognito September 2020 Targets

September development

Incognito already belongs to the community, but in the near future, the community will also run it. So as Incognito moves towards its 1 year birthday, we’re sharpening our focus on its foundation – stability, utility, and the ability to adapt to a changing world.

Generate strong utility

Grow users and trading activity
Launch pUniswap

Build a strong layer-2 core

Expand features and improve app performance
Improve bug resolution and response time
Increase community stickiness

Build a strong layer-1 core

Introduce view key to protect transaction amounts
Implement building blocks for confidential assets
Deploy new smart contract flow on mainnet
QC for smart contract upgrade and dynamic committee size
QC for Privacy v.2 and Portal v.3


Deliver new staking flow for QC
Finalize specs for slashing feature

Prepare deployment of BFT2
Implement Portal v.3 with more options for collateralization

Over the past month, we’ve loved seeing more of you guys chime in with your thoughts. The forum has become a great place to engage in ideological, practical, and technical discussions centered around privacy. We hope you’ll continue to share your feedback and ideas.

So do comment on the proposals above, and follow the 2020 roadmap to see what’s been done and what’s coming next. And we can’t do it all ourselves so… if you have an idea, get involved!


Great! Would it be possible to do like a :heavy_check_mark: next to each item as they are finished and properly implemented? I think that would be great :sunglasses:

Well Monero might lose some appeal…

hey @Jerry_Watson, most of these proposals and initiatives are ongoing/continuations/multiple months long, and while it would be super satisfying to put a tick next to them throughout this month, we wouldn’t be able to for a majority of them.

to follow progress, the best thing to do would be to refer to the proposals linked. the devs that own those initiatives will write updates, and be there to answer any questions you might have.

no rest for the wicked and all that!