Grow the Incognito community

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the version 2 of Community Engagement :slight_smile: :tada:

Length: 3 months (August, September, October).

August goal:

Daily Engagement Users: 85
Stickiness rate: > 30%

August initiatives:

  • Conduct a survey of the motivation to go Incognito. The results of this survey will be investigated by the core team to sketch out the next plan for the community growth.

  • Implement the policy of community restrictions on spams/ misbehaviour.

Currently we have this friendly guidelines: Reading is fundamental, and other guidelines.

This proposal is associated with initiative 7 in the 2020 roadmap.

Hey friends, if you have any ideas to help the forum be more helpful, get Incognito closer to crypto users and inspire people to speak up, feel free to leave comments here or PM me directly. I’m all ears!

Stay safe and enjoy Incognito! :black_circle:


I only love incognito because it has beautiful girls like you @Ducky :heart_eyes:

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