App v.3

Objective: A better better app

Length: 3 months (August, September, October).

This is a continuation of App v.2.


Key results:

Bulletin board (Aug 1) :white_check_mark:
Project notifications, what’s new, what’s next

New Node experience (mid Aug)
More informative UI, change wifi functionality, firmware upgrade

New Add tab (end Aug)
Reskin, generate extra accounts only on first action

Fee structure for unshield (end Aug)

Performance (ongoing)

Cross pool trading (early Sept)

pUniswap (early Sept)

Start implementation of Privacy v.2 (Sept, October)
Dependent on chain development, estimated time of completion – November.


We’ll send out a survey to the community at the end of every month to assess effectiveness, gather feedback, and regroup for the future.

August Target: 80% community rating

The product team will also be creating regular polls to acquire user feedback as we try to build a better version of the very first multi-currency, multi-activity, privacy-first crypto app. Please do vote on these, and please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas at any time.

This correlates with initiative 6 in the roadmap.

All development is open-source:


Might want to add a fix for special characters used in Wi-Fi passwords.

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@ning, I have also noticed that the more tokens followed in a wallet, the longer it takes the UI to load and you can’t do anything till all are loaded. I would like to there to be minimal wait on performing a task like viewing one currency, like PRV, clicking it, and choosing to send, even before other currency balances are queried and displayed. Is that doable?

Also, in setting up a Node, there doesn’t seem to be a way to name the wallet, so it ends up being double edged sword. I can easily go to the Node and see what the code is and write it down, but it would be nice to be able to name it something useful in a different way, like Kitchen, Basement, neighbor’s chimney, (actually, I was going for pTarantula, personally, and will eventually have an iguana and platypus to join my Incognito zoo, but to each her own). And unlike wallets associated with Node Virtuals, it doesn’t seem that swiping left on iOS app in keychain tab will let a person remove a wallet created during a physical node setup either. Haven’t tried the tapping 7 or however times on it to see if that works…

Also, a quick but important unrelated plea. If the team changes the app or the pool in a way that goes back to a single bucket, please let the community know ahead of time, as I already count on the new separated feature to use as account management that have implications on tax, business, etc. associated with a given wallet. I do think it would be nice to specify a default withdrawal wallet or something, but for now, I have just been sending all earnings from wallets that don’t need to be segregated into pStake and then contributing liquidity from there.

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hey! thanks for the feedback. well noted on the keychain names + load times - we’ll have a look to see what’s possible. (iguana and platypus are excellent names).

about pool - i’m super happy you are using the separated feature! i’m not sure if you are following the app improvements thread, but i think even if a consolidation feature gets added, it won’t affect the current keychain logic (use provide with any keychain). either way, will definitely let u guys know ahead of time.