Incognito Node for free (you pay postage)


I was a validator using one of the official nodes before they were discontinued and it went beyond my technical ability to set up again.

Therefore I would like to offer the node for free to someone who can use it, but they have to pay postage. It’s in the UK so I would be willing to post to Europe.

Send me a DM if you would like to have it.


@Jared I’m interested but not done incog validating.

… Are these orig nodes hardware still usable? What is the PRV requirements currently for validating?

I’m in Europe, so shipping not a problem.

Certainly, pNodes remain operational within our network, with each node mandating a stake of 1,750 PRV.

It is important to highlight several considerations for your attention:

  1. Acquiring a pNode may reveal your physical address to the shipper.
  2. There exists a possibility of the device being compromised with malware, which may not necessarily be attributed to the shipper’s negligence.

We would like to clarify that should you choose to proceed, it is possible to reconfigure the operating system of the pNode. This process of reflashing the OS not only enables the device to function as a vNode, differing from a pNode primarily by the absence of a dashboard—a minor adjustment—but also effectively removes any potential malware issues, ensuring the device’s security and integrity.

Our intention is not to dissuade you from utilizing a pNode. We merely aim to ensure you are fully informed of the potential implications and solutions available to safeguard your device’s functionality and security.

Tnx for the comprehensive response, Jared.

What physical storage device/component do these nodes have… micro SD like Rasp Pi?
Embedded storage, flashed via USB?

Your idea of securing the device w a reflash is a good one.

Standard 2.5" SSD.

While this could be possible corruption would set in too quickly.

The internals of the pNode is an Intel NUC.

Keep in mind you can run a vNode on any computer or server that can run Docker and meets the minimum specs. Considering this user is providing the pNode for free (minus shipping costs) I would say grab it. However, just keep the points I mentioned in mind.