App v.5

Objective: More private, more secure, more broadly useful.

Length: 3 months (February, March, April).

This is a continuation of App v.4.


Key results:

There’s a lot that needs to get done this quarter. We’ll continue improving rough edges and squashing bugs as per, but there are also some big milestones to tackle.

Incognito Pay (March)
Pay and get paid in PRV and other pTokens.

Web pDEX (March)
The first iteration.

Web extension v.2 (March)
Multi master and masterless keys, shield/unshield via metamask

Privacy v.2 (April)
Improved privacy for all types of transactions, faster trading, easier shielding, and SDK v.3.

Add v.2 (April)
2-sided liquidity with provider incentives.

Ledger integration (April)

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Thanks for helping us build App v.1, v.2, v.3, v.4 - and now v.5. Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions. Also looking forward to more products from our wonderful community builders – let’s build out the application layer of Incognito!

All development is open-source here:


Looks promising. Good luck core team!


When dark mode? :woman_shrugging:




@Ducky :sweat:


When Lambo? :sunglasses: Maybe we best option would be to buy sunglasses with IncognitoPay when released. Then dark mode by Incognito will be yours!


Hi @ning

In v5 is it possible to have a passphrase, 13th user supplied word in addition to the 12 word memonic?
Currently most hardware wallets have that option now and with the integration into Ledger was curious if this was possible for the new wallets.
Thanks :+1:

Hi, @kichoman
the incognito app use HD-Wallet with standard BIP44.

so when integration into Ledger, it’s should possible.


@Ducky Is this you? :rofl: :see_no_evil:

Looks like other crypto apps are also waiting for dark mode, not just Incognito.


Hahaha, so now everything about Dark mode can be indicated to me :joy: :relaxed: Thanks guy, that’s cool reference ))

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  1. Baroness von DarkMode
  2. DarkMode Duchess




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Thanks all, fan! :duck:

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Hey @Ducky, did you ever try the Ducky theme on


You can be the leader of my fan club. Let’s have an offline!



Are we going back to 2-sided liquidity? Is there an issue with the 1 sided LP other than the delayed withdrawal? But 2 sided also has issues with IL on the AMM.

the current plan is to improve Provide (withdrawal ux is a priority) and also rework Add. the incentives structure for Add will have to take into account IL. the general idea is to give users viable choices.

@andrey and @duc are discussing the details and will have more information for everyone shortly.


App version 4.1.4 is live!

This update replaces “price difference” in the pDEX pro dashboard with “size impact”. Size impact shows the difference between the current price of an asset and your estimated trade quote, based on the current and resulting liquidity pool ratios. This makes it easy to know whether you’re getting a good rate, and how far it deviates from the asset price.

What’s the difference?

Price difference showed the difference between pDEX prices and external market prices, after accounting for the default slippage rate.

Size impact, on the other hand, is a more standard feature in DEXes. It shows the variance of prices in the same DEX you’re using, by accounting for the size of your trade in contrast with the amount of available liquidity.

Based on feedback from users, many people assumed that’s what the pDEX was showing with price difference, so we’ve changed it to meet your expectations.

What’s new?

The pDEX now shows size impact on both the simple and pro dashboards, calculated as a percentage with the following equation:

(Trade output amount) / (liquidity pool size) x 100 = (impact %)

This means that size impact is determined by the size of your trade in relation to the balance of liquidity available. Larger trades, then, have larger size impacts.

The ratio is multiplied by 100 to format it as a percentage. The minimum impact is 0.01%.

Note: This field does not show when you trade with pUniswap or pKyber.

Additionally, there is now a refresh button that you can use to reload the quoted amount if you wait too long before making a trade.


Hey @ning, I suggest the app should have a little eye symbol to toggle hiding/revealing the balance.