How to get pay with incognito wallet?

I’m new here and don’t now much about all the crypto world. I am trying to find a simple Way for my customer to pay me into my incognito wallet or even an other Anonymous wallet.

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If your customers also have an Incognito wallet, they can send you any pToken (pBTC, pETH and so on) directly to your Incogntio address.

If your customers are moving crypto to your Incognito wallet from external chains (not Incognito itself) then you will have to supply each of them with a shielding (deposit) address. This deposit address can be used by them when creating the transfer on the external chain.

Shielding addresses are valid for 1 transaction only. You will need to generate a new one for every amount you are going to receive.


You can accept payment coming from public chains like BTC,ETH,BNB,XMR,ZCASH,LTC,etc but you have to remember that you have 2 hours windows to complete the payment request otherwise you need to retry the shielding!

If you suggest your customer incognitowallet app in the other way you won t have this problem, your transaction will be faster , cheaper and your customer will be more happy to transact with you avoiding crazy fees and staying 100% private!

This is your best move, suggest to your customer to start using incognito as their base wallet so then everything will be easier and faster!

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