How do I add liquidity

How does adding liquidity work? So I have to have so much dollars to EtH

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It depends on the pools and systems. Most you’ll need to have an equal $ amount of the tokens you want to add. Example $10ETH/$10USDC into a pool. Balancer you can add one token to a pool from one up to eight tokens. Different pool systems have different pool types and bonding curves. I recommend taking a look and do your own research on all or as many as you’d like.

When you create a new trading pair, you are the one who gets to set the ratio for that pair. You set the initial price.

When adding to an existing trading pair you will have to follow the ratio of that moment.

For example,

  • trading pair pXtoken - pYtoken
  • 1 to 2 ratio ( 1 pXtoken = 2 pYtoken)

If you were to add 50 pXtoken you would also have to add 100 pYtoken.

PDEX rates are based on maintaining a constant. This constant is determined when the trading pair is created, and will never change afterwards.
If you were to add only one side of the trading pair you would influence the rate. That would be bad.

If you want to know more about how the numbers work exactly, do a search for liquidity on the this forum. There are multiple posts on it.

Also read up on impermanent loss.


Hello Jamie, I have a question regarding liquidity. Lets say gor example someone has a project they are wanting to release on a certain date in the future, ie: allow for trading in the future, but wanted to start adding to the pool on a monthly or weekly basis until that day, would that be possible? Or does one always have to provide both sides of the equation from the start?

Are you talking about a project that will use user-issued tokens on the Incognito chain?

If so, you will have to provide both sides of the trading pair to make that trading pair show up on pDEX. Keep in mind, once you start distributing your coins, anyone who holds a few can start a trading pair if none is present already.

Share a little more details if you have another scenario in mind.

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Hello Jaime and thank you for your response. Just to be clear, if I understand properly, I am free to add as much ETH as possible to ONE side of the pool as long as I have NOT distributed the other token?

You need to be more specific about what you are trying to accomplish.
I am still not certain whether you are talking about the Provide feature, or creating a user-token and add that user-token to pDEX.

For example Denali Domain Services creates a token say the 101 coin. Denali Domain Services wishes to make the coin tradeable on 12/11/21. However for budgetary reasons Denali Domain Services wants to add liquidity on only one side of the pool before releasing any 101 coins. Effectively financing the ETH side of the pair by say 10% a month for 12 months. Is this possible? It’s kind of like DCAing into a fully liquid pool.

So, yes, user generated token. Apologize if the way I’m presenting this scenario is confusing.

It sounds like you are making things more complicated than needed (or I am still misunderstanding).

When you create your own coin, it will only exist in the account you created it with. You could save up as much as you like of any crypto while the created coin is in that account. Once you have the correct amounts of both ends of a trading pair you want to make available you move the funds to your pDEX account and use the Add tab to create a pair for your coin and its counterpart on pDEX.

From that moment on, people can buy/trade your coin. The price of the coin will be recalculated with every sell/buy.

Let say you distribute the coin but do not create a trading pair for it on pDEX, then someone who you distributed the coin to could decide to create a trading pair for your coin themselves. At that point they will set the start price, and future buy/sell will be calculated using that.


Hi Jaime,

No, I wouldn’t say you’re misunderstanding. I understand that this is the way things are now that you have clarified. Thank you for that. I do see how in the future, what I am speaking of could be a nice tool gor cpin developers who want more control over their coins initial market. At the same time you are right as this process does included an added level of complexity.

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Create a trading pair yourself before you distribute your coins, then you will be the one to set the initial price. With AMM you do not have much control over the price once people start trading, unless you keep liquidity high maybe.


How do i know the APY for certain pools? I dont think it’s on display yet.

Please tap Provide in the app.

I know that one, i was saying the “Add” -> “Invest” button. Providing both PRV and x coin.

There are no rewards for providing liquidity to trading pairs directly at the moment.

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Hi Jamie, do you know whether there are plans to provide rewards for “Adding” in the near future?

You receive a % of the trading fees for the pair you are providing liquidity for.

No you don’t. Unless it was recently changed.

@17Strife yes there are plans, keep an eye on the development roadmap.


I wasn’t aware. I guess I read some old/outdated documentation. My apologies.


If an incognito token is minted with an initial supply, how to increase the supply progressively?