Has slashing been disabled?

Has slashing been disabled? I have a node with vote stats of 10% & 26% and it still shows as pending.

Hello @xtrbacon,

I’ve escalated this to the dev team. Either myself or a member of the dev team will provide an update.

Can you send us (DM to @support)
with your public validator keys to checking vote stats? Slashing is not disabled.

From what I can tell yes, slashing has been disabled. Instead of being slashed and your PRV returned, instead you are removed from committee and sent back to “syncing” state.

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I have the exact same problem. It seems as though slashing is disabled on my vnodes which have been dead for over 5 months. I sent a DM to the @support channel. Thanks!

Yes, this is the behavior of the new slashing mechanism. Nodes that fail to vote will be removed from the committee after the epoch ends and will not receive rewards.

I don’t like this, especially since (as far as I can see) this change was made without any announcement or notice. Previously, when slashing occurred, I knew right away something was wrong with my node because Nito bot would not see the node anymore and I would get a BIG WARNING in Nito Bot. Now it flies under the radar and sometimes i don’t notice it until several nodes are slashed.

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