Domain name service

Just noticed that in ethereum community is very popular Domain name service

I think on Incognito it could make even more sense because even if your wallet address Is public there is no way to trace what’s going on behind.

Could be fantastic layer2 product.

What do you think ?


Awesome! What would be the top domain? .prv .inco .anon .incognito


It costs millions of $ to register/manage a TLD.

A regular one, yes. Its also closed atm, not possible to open new top domain registry.

But I think @andrey was talking about a decentralized domain registry like .eth

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Oh ok, my bad, I thought .eth TLD was a classic TLD.

Why not go with a .crypto domain from Unstoppable Domains :+1:t2:

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Unstoppable Domains operated by a greedy company. Those domains worth ■■■■, still they ask for a lot of money or tell you “Premium Domain This name will be available at a later time.” I can’t even buy a domain for “zgen” atm.

Ty, no! ICANN is more fair than these guys.

I would prefer a truly decentralized domain registry like .eth, but for Incognito. Available only for PRV, so this could add a new utility.

ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is also very expensive, but at least transparent. I still have to pay 7.5 eth for 10 years, which translates to like ~$7500 in the trash for one decade of nothing.

That’s one perspective. I personally like unstoppable domains. Once it’s yours it’s yours no more fees. Yes, they are limiting the launch of some premium domains, however I don’t think there’s a reason to put them down.

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@Bold @raz someone who finds a gold middle between unstoppable domains and ENS might win the race :slight_smile:

Domain name service on the Incognito can be

  • 10x more decentralized compare to unstoppable domains
  • 10x more private compare to ENS
  • own by user forever
  • free or cost close to zero (if we find a way to exclude fraud or do not allow one user to own all domains)
  • Ownership of each domain can be linked to a custom pToken, and can be bought and sold privately on the Incogntio DEX

From the core team perspective, we can help with programming additional functionality on the chain level. From privacy perspective domain name service on the Incogntio sound much promising than on any public chain.

So if someone gets inspired by this idea and starts building it. We are happy to support it to bring the project up.


I like your thinking! I would definitely participate. Blockchain domains Will assist with adoption, The Internet used to communicate using IP addresses, this is the equivalent of the bulky and complex public key in crypto. I like the idea of having a linked token to the domain as well.

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Hey, @Bold your profile says that you are a blockchain solution architect. Maybe you could share some ideas in terms of how the architecture might look like. Then we can find someone who can build it or you can own and develop it)

Hello, @andrey

It is with great pleasure that I can say that Flooyd Brasil LLC has a private authoritative DNS that can provide a ‘‘TLD’’ for domains. It would be fully hosted by our company, as we are suppliers of this branch. But, there is a problem with that, we don’t know how to develop the ‘‘support’’ to use this ‘‘TLD’’ as an address for your Incognito wallet.

For this to happen, we need a partnership with Incognito, to develop this idea, which is really great, side by side. I am available to partner with Incognito to develop a Domain Name Service.

And yes, the prices would be cheap, Unstoppable Domains charges from $20 to $100. We would charge a fair price in PRV.

We are an ‘‘alternative’’ to ICANN, we provide the same services as them. If you want to take this idea forward, please let me know. This is an easy thing, but it needs a notion about blockchain, and we don’t have that notion. Since our branch is different.