Does sharding affect anonymity set?

Hi guys,

I imagine the answer is not straight forward, but how about some hypotheticals.

Suppose Alice is in shard 1, and she sends pETH to Bob who is in shard 2. When Alice builds her ring signature, are mixins taken from shard 1 only, or all shards?

Suppose Alice shields 1 pETH from Ethereum mainnet into shard 1 on Monday, and withdraws from shard 1 back to ETH mainnet on Tuesday. Bob does the same to shard 2. Do these transactions look identical on the Ethereum chain?

Hope this makes sense and I’m not a dummy!


Hi @Grant,
For the first example, Alice’s ring signature is built from shard 1 only.
And regarding the second example. Yes, on Ethereum network, shield transactions of both Alice and Bob look identical when they are just ordinary Ethereum txs that send Ether/ERC20 tokens from Alice’s (or Bob’s) addresses to Incognito vault contract. Similarly, unshield txs are Ethereum txs that transfer Ether/ERC20 tokens from the vault contract to Alice’s (or Bob’s) addresses.
Additionally, Incognito team was already watching Axtec & Tonardo projects and @dungtran’s had a great comparison post at Privacy for Ethereum: Aztec vs. Tornado vs. Incognito. You can have a look at it and let us know your thoughts if any. Thanks.