Cool to see Incognito being mentioned and discussed on Reddit

Hey guys, just wanted to share this thread in a popular subreddit r/CryptoCurrency (~1.5M members, mostly crypto enthusiasts):

If you happen to have a Reddit account, feel free to stop by and share your thoughts/experience regarding Incognito Chain over there. :sunglasses::v:


Oh, I forgot: this subreddit requires minimum of 50 comment karma with 30-days account age for comments and 500 comment karma with 60 days account age for submissions.


Hey @cryptomole,
We can start with a simple tactic! Let’s share the link to Reddit posts we want community to engage in this thread.

Here’s one from me

To @everyone, guys don’t make your comments in a “shill” way. If the post doesn’t look like it needs testimonials, just upvote.

See you on Reddit)!


Cool idea, @nickvasilich, I agree.
Also, just went through your new Reddit post - it’s an interesting, informative read.

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Not a good look. We look scammy apparently, and I can’t disagree with the closed source branches of the project tbh

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@Matt6412, thanks for sharing, I’m aware about this.

The scammy thing comes up a lot on reddit. Im fairly new, and can’t say it doesn’t worry me as well tbh. To my understanding the funds are locked in a smart contract, linked to my incognito wallet, which is great, however, it seems that a back door could be put in on the closed part. Is this true?