[Concluded - Q1 2022 Survey] What do you think about the app?

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First off, thank you everyone for installing and using the mobile app to interact with the Incognito blockchain. As usual, we would like to conduct a quarter survey where you are more than welcome to share honest feedback regarding the app experience.

Is the Incognito app treating you well? What should we do next to improve user experience and bring more utilities? It is time to have your say.

:question:What functionalities need your inputs

In this survey, we will focus on 4 main functionalities of the app:

  • Shield into Incognito network.

  • Swap on Incognito exchange.

  • Add dual-sided liquidity and earn liquidity mining rewards.

  • Using Privacy Apps privately.

:raising_hand_man: Where can you share your thoughts?

Click here to start the survey

:alarm_clock: When will the survey begin?

Right now via this link.

The survey is open and will conclude by Thursday, May 19, 2022.

:four_leaf_clover: Lucky participants

We have a 100 PRV raffle that will be awarded randomly to 10 participants (10 PRV each). If you would like to enter, please also give us your Incognito address at the bottom of the survey form.

What’s next?

You decide. Your inputs via the survey combined with Q2 privacy roadmap will have the final say on the next appearance of Incognito app. Thank you so much for being a product designer!


Out of survey time, feel free to ping @Ducky @Jared to give any feedback when needed. :slight_smile: Always love to hear from community!


I just filled out the survey. Hopefully youre still able to see/use the responses from the form.


Awesome, I see your submission on our backend. Thank you so much for filling it out!
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Survey concluded. Here are our actions.

Thank you everyone for your time doing this survey. We have learned a lot from your sharing and know that there are still many things that need to work on for the sake of the app’s ease of use.

:white_check_mark: Result: Average ease of use 3.6/5

After an internal discussion session, taking into account our current resources and all the priorities, here is what we would like to implement to improve the app experience.

:shield: Shield & Unshield

Improvement Purpose PIC Status
Experience: A/B testing for ‘Shield’ and ‘Deposit’ button. The results will tell us which term appears to be more friendly and understandable to end-users. @Sang Pending
Information: Add estimation time for Shielding tx. Users know how long they’re supposed to get their tokens. @Ducky Done
Information: Update detailed information for each processing step in Shielding process. Users know the real-time status of the transfer of their assets and what they’re supposed to do for each step (if any). @elvis.p @Ducky Done
Processing: Implement auto-retry function for shielding from BNB Smart chain, Polygon, Fantom blockchain. Reduce the probability of pending transactions and facilitate them to be confirmed faster. @elvis.p Done
Reduce Shielding time: Achieved by Reducing interval time; Releasing Instant Finality; and Web-based app: support check balance from full node + enable users to self-control shield/unshield tx by using Metamask wallet. Expectation: 3-5 mins/ tx @0xkumi @hieutran @hiennguyen Done

:arrows_clockwise: Swap

Improvement Purpose PIC Status
Experience: Make the “Swap” tab selected by default. Increase the trading volume on the exchange. @Sang Done
Order book: Enable new pairs for a token >< stable coin. Easier and more confident for users to place a limit order. @duc Pending
Information: Add estimation time for trade tx in history details. Users know how long they’re supposed to wait for their trade tx to complete. @Ducky Done

:black_circle: Privacy Apps

Improvement Purpose PIC Status
Information: Add estimation time for pApp tx in history details. Users know how long they’re supposed to wait for their tx in pApp tab to complete. @Ducky Done
Reduce pApp time: Achieved by Releasing Instant Finality and Reducing block time. Both improvements are mentioned in our Q2 Roadmap. Improve user’s experience @hiennguyen Instant Finality: Done./ Reduce block time: In progress
Expansion: Integrate more kinds of dApp out of Swap function. Users have more options to use Privacy Apps. @hiennguyen Pending

:money_with_wings: Add dual-sided liquidity

Improvement Purpose PIC Status
Information: Add an explanation about where the rewards come from. More informative information. @Ducky Done
Network explorer: Add a visual chart of earnings for each liquidity pair. Encourage new users to provide liquidity for their favorite tokens. @Ducky @hieutran Pending

:books: Other

Improvement Purpose PIC Status
Information: Create a new FAQ section on the homepage. Newbie gets to know about Incognito more easily. @Ducky Pending

:prv: Thank you

PRV rewards have been distributed to participants who submitted the most insightful feedback. If you’ve suddenly got 10 PRV deposited to your wallet, then congratulations and thank you so much for doing a qualified survey.

The app survey will be conducted quarterly to continue getting feedback from the community. Hope that Incognito mobile app will become more user-friendly, useful with more utilities, and easy to use for everyone.

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When is a new update for the app coming?

We usually have a new release on every Thursday :relaxed:

There will always be a release note published on this category telling users about what’s new in the app. For example: App Release v5.2.7.


Hey @Twan, pls check out the latest app release: App Release v5.2.8