Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 5.17.22

Quick take

  • :construction_worker_man: Roadmap: Incognito Development team published the official Q2 Roadmap. New web-based products and utilities for privacy will surely blow your mind. Check it out >

  • :paperclip: App survey: There are only 2 days left for filling out the quarterly survey. If you have not done so, here is the link.

  • :handshake: NEAR bridge: Cypherpunk funds Incognito to build privacy for NEAR protocol. Privacy-minded builders meet privacy supporters.

  • :black_circle: Integration: Spooky swap, Fantohm, and Harvest Finance choose privacy for their assets. Your retweets count!

    Read blog posts about Incognito on FantOHM and Spooky Swap medium.

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Recent Developments


  • Instant Finality: This feature is in the local testing phase.

  • Privacy improvement: Development for optimizing tx verification time has been done and is currently in the code-review phase.

  • OTA Shielding Address: This improvement is temporarily put on hold and the development will continue after Unified pToken is released in June.

Incognito app

  • The latest version 5.2.6 is available in app with new improvements: Unsuccessful unshielding transactions are now automatically retried, more essential information had been added to CSV export file as well as Earn tab screen, etc.

    Update your Incognito app >

Upcoming Developments

Incognito web-based application

  • A detailed topic about how our web-based apps work is published to the community. Once the web extension is launched, you will have one more option to interact with the Incognito chain: web environment. That’s worth your wait!

    Review the proposal and have a say >

Privacy apps

  • As stated in Q2 Roadmap, we are building a trustless bridge to NEAR protocol to turn on privacy mode for NEAR assets and dApps.

  • Unified pToken (aka Privacy Multchain): A new refill mechanism is being developed by the Privacy apps team. This implementation is estimated to complete in 3 weeks.

  • pStable coin and pSaving will be the next 2 new utilities to be built after Unified pToken is launched. Stay tuned!

Growth Efforts

  • @Ducky works directly with Cypherpunk team to monitor the whole bridge development, allocate granted funds as well as form a privacy community.

  • @Jayce_Nguyen @Khanh help making privacy more accessible by integrating more DeFi projects and their assets to Incognito hub.

  • @david starts listing Incognito on data aggregation sites. We believe that it’s time to expose Incognito’s privacy solution to the world.

  • The first version of Incognito Explorer v.2 will be ready by end of this week. Thanks @Corncob and @lam for helping build this new data site.

That’s all for this week’s update. Thank you everyone for your contribution on the network and community.

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